The net profit of ‘Newstrend’ may rise up to 150% in the upcoming financial year

Almost everyone around us wants to be successful in their life. Many of them imitates a successful person, but they never think about what it actually takes to achieve success and the way the road of success feels like. They just see the ultimate result without concerning the amount of efforts and the problems that man went through.

Today we are going to tell you about a person who has come from a small city which is hardly known to anyone. A city where there is no fast internet connections as like today except one or two cyber cafes with slow dial-up connections. The man behind India’s one of the most successful and fastest growing news and entertainment websites. We are talking about Mr. Manish Bansal, co-founder, and Newstrend Network Communication Private Limited.

Born in year 1979, in Khariar, a ‘Notified Area Council’ Area of Nuapada Dist, Odisha, Manish graduated from IGNOU and started working as a traditional businessman and later turned in to well-known entrepreneur in news and media industry.

39 year old entrepreneur told us the secret behind his successful career. “Never be afraid of working from zero or don’t be scared of failures. There is either winning or learning”. He explains “When you fail at something you actually gained a little bit of experience and starting again along with that experience might be able to get better result next time.” He urges not to give up, trying continuously until you get success.

Furthermore he explains the true value of compassion. He quotes “Having passion for work is the key to success. Whether in studies or in business, do the things in which you have more interest. Work done with passion and enthusiasm often leads to greater results in life. Always enjoy what you do. Getting bored or having no job satisfaction will lead you nowhere”. He also adds “Always remember to ask yourself a question: When was the last time you have done something for the first time?”

Upon asking about the early age of his career, Mr. Bansal replied “We were in our parental business of rice production. Inspite of having a complete absence of interest I was carrying on the business as it was the only source to fulfill the needs and requirements of our family, however, couldn’t get much accomplishment there. Having a great interest in the internet from past 15 years and in social media, I started my first news and media website “” in 2015 but unfortunately it couldn’t get much of a success and I had to close it down. But I never gave up on my dreams, I started once again with double the energy and efforts and lastly the result is in front of you all”.

When asked about the ideology of Newstrend, Mr. Bansal replied “The world is full of information. There are billions of news and information transferred every day which we read in the form of news, blog etc. as our likewise. In order to keep up with the fast pace of life where it becomes difficult to find time and read newspaper, here at we make these data engaging and accessible to millions of users. By using online portal as a medium makes it handy and can be accessed anywhere. We have recruited some of the most highly educated individuals whose prime job is to work continuously on getting essential news and distributing on our site”.

Newstrend is a mix bag of all important news and other informative content which one should be aware of. It also provides entertainment content. In today’s fast pace world, we usually do not find time to read newspaper and make our self aware about the world happenings. This is where Newstrend comes into significance. In order to keep up with our running life NewsTrend.News provides all the necessary information on our mobile phones at any given point of time and place

Newstrend is one of the fastest growing news websites in India where you can get all the news on almost every topics and category such as Politics, Sports, Facts, History, entertainment, Spiritual, Lifestyle, Economy, Business, Beauty and Health.

According to Alexa, an Amazon subsidiary that provides analytical insights on websites, as on today, Newstrend ranks 1271 in the world and 25 in India.

Newstrend holds a total area of approximate 100000 sq. feet whereas office area is of 5000 sq. feet in Khariar.

We also got to know the viewpoint of some of their finest content writers. According to the content expert Ashish (27), Newstrend is basically a content platform for the world where technology play for us”. He strongly feels technology plays a vital role here. He says “even technology decides which keyword we will use every day to attract viewers. And according to our daily analysis, we only create contents on the topic which attracts people or the topic people wants to read”.

Let us now see how other entrepreneurs are reacting to their success story. Kousik Saraf, 37, a young business entrepreneur of Odisha says “The way newstrend is working, it will achieve a tremendous success in the coming years”. Whereas, another businessman Sumit Agrawal have some serious advice for Newstrend. He quotes “The work is really outstanding, but success is not permanent. They have to make constant efforts with the same amount of compassion in order to keep up with the success”.

A large portion of traffic on Newstrend comes from social media which could maybe turn out to be a test given the stage’s always showing signs of change calculations to guarantee that clients don’t get spammed with irrelevant content. Facebook loves the source of good content and the only thing a content creator has to keep in their mind is that it should not be “click-bait”.

Newstrend makes money through programmatic advertising, Facebook audience network, Google adsense, Outbrain UK, and through partner of its news syndication and is “the most transparent and democratic form of earning ad revenue.”

In the last year Newstrend had generated a ad revenue of 50 Million INR and now they are hoping a growth of 150% in the coming year. The founders are continuously concentrating on tying up with more mobile apps to integrate their content and increase the volume of video content on their site.

Today, the founders knows the ultimate truth about success not being permanent, it always changes. On this Mr. Bansal replies, “Today people consume our content, but it might get change in coming days. Newstrend will remain at the forefront of that change.”